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Session expiration...ughh

Now that the session expires so quickly in the app, the PIN feature is effectively useless, which makes the app useless. If I’m going to have to enter my password to login, I won’t use the app. It offers nothing*** that Scoutbook can’t do better.

*** It used to offer quick access, which was enough to get me to use it.

*** It offers scout attendance tracking, but it is useless without patrol based grouping and sorting in the UI.

not sure what you are talking about. Mine has not logged out. But I dont have PIN or Touch ID on either.

There is a workaround to this issue: login in offline mode, which requires no credentials, and then in the app, toggle offline mode off.

The app should not be kicking you out. Now if you log out with the ‘delete data’ or ‘saving the data’ you will have to log in again however it will save your login information, your pin or your face id as Donovan mentioned. The only time we force a user to login is if their has been a change in login/password.

There have been no changes to the login process.

Session expiration example.

@JoeMcKinley are you going in and out of wifi/cell service alot? @DaphneBrizendine could that explain this? I have not seen this.

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