Singular vs plural, is it the Wolf Den or Wolves Den?

In scoutbook Dens are referred to by the singular. Lion Den, Tiger Den, Wolf Den, Bear Den, Webelos Den. In scoutbook plus aka internet advancement, particularly in the calendar, they are referred to in the plural. Lions #, Tigers #, Wolves #, Bears #, Webelos #
I was taught that the singular was correct. If I am wrong then it should be Webelos’, because Webelos is singular.
Hopefully this is a minor coding error in a translation table somewhere.
I look forward to June 1st when we have Dens referred to as Arrows of Light, or will it be Arrow of Lights? I think singular would be the best way to go.

@JosephReding - although webelos is we’ll be loyal scouts… this does not seem like a hyper critical, this breaks everything issue.

I did not say this is a hyper critical problem. If the BSA is so destitute that they can only address hyper critical problems, let this one go. Obviously the rank a den is working on is encoded in the database in an effort to consume less storage i.e. 1=Wolf, 2=Bear, 3=Webelos, 4=Tiger, 5=Lion. When presenting the information in scoutbook, the software translates 1 into Wolf. When presenting the information in internet advancement the software translates 1 into Wolves. This is probably done in a table, the fixing of which would take less time than it took me to write this comment.

There is an item in the backlog to make the den levels consistent with the new wording in the Cub Scout handbooks.

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Not sure what new wording you are referring to. I skimmed the first 15 pages or so of the new Wolf handbook and did not see wolves anywhere. My guess this has nothing to do with new or old handbooks, it is plain and simple a mistake.

The important part of the previous comment is this problem is on the backlog list where someday someone might look at it.

I look forward to June 1st when I find out if I am a Den Leader of the Arrows of Light Den, Arrow of Lights Den, Arrow of Light Den, or maybe they will continue to be Webelos.

@JosephReding - you seem to be making a huge outcry over something you admit is not critical. Certainly the new program requirements being incorporated would take priority.

As a former Information Technology professional, I understand that the only way to get a problem fixed is to point it out. edavignon informed me that the issue is in the backlog list, which was about all I was hoping for. Based on your outcry, this forum should only be for earth shaking calamities. I will crawl back into my cave for another couple of years and do my best to find workarounds to the BSA’s crappy code.
Take a good look at the famous Norman Rockwell painting “The Scoutmaster”. It was originally rejected by Chief Scout Executive James E West because it originally depicted scouts sleeping in pup tents. The BSA had recently started to promote wall tents. Rockwell had to touch up the painting putting side walls on the tents.
Once upon a time the BSA had quality control. That day is long gone.

@JosephReding We appreciate you reporting any issue, whether critical or minor. Please continue to report things as you see them.

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