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Scoutbook for den leaders shows den as last years rank

I’m having trouble using the new scoutbook for leaders application. The app shows my den still as tigers and not as wolves. While I am a den leader I do not see anywhere to update this. The Scoutbook website Indicates the den is advanced to wolves.

Will you please provide your MemberID and which unit you are having this issue with?

Member ID: 134402196
Unit 169
Den 5

Anyone have any information that may help with this?

Did your pack advance dens in Scoutbook at the end of last year?

We have looked into this. It looks like it is resolved. We are showing your den as Wolf. Please check and let us know. There will be a discrepancy in ranks when the den has not been “advanced” to the next rank but maybe the name of the den has. Not sure what went on.

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