Sorting Scout / Invitees Names for Taking Attendance

I’ve seen that there is a feature request already to allow attendees to be sorted by last name or first name, but there is also a problem with the sort currently that it only sorts by first name. It would be better if it sorted by first name (or nickname) then last name (or last name then first name). I have a number of scouts with the same first name which then puts them in a somewhat random order.

For example: Michael W, Michael A, Michael D, Michael C. — should be Michael A., Michael C, Michael D, Michael W.

If I had to pick one, I would opt for last name then First Name (or nickname)

@GoodloeWhite want to clarify (so we are talking about the same item). Is this the actual attendance report, or the effort to take attendance for the event? This will help to route to the right developers/back log.

Taking attendance for an event.

@GoodloeWhite I have confirmed this is on the back log and we are unsure when development will work on this.

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