RSVP report issues/requests

Hello, this might be my first time posting in the forum for Scoutbook technical issues, if I need to post elsewhere, please advise.

Regarding the RSVP report:
The report is sorting the attendees by patrol, then by name. I would prefer for the the names on the report to be alphabetical by last name as they used to be a few/several months ago. (Our Troop is very large and I do not know who is in which patrol.)
Additionally, I did run the RSVP report as a CSV so that I could sort by the name column, BUT the name column is one field, so it then sorts them by first name which is even more counterproductive than having them sorted by patrol, then alphabetically by last name.

Can these changes please be implemented? Either sort by last name automatically, or make first and last name separate fields so I can sort by last name.

Thank you.

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