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Square Credit Card Processing in Payment Logs

My units use Square credit card processing for a few different reasons. Now that PayPal is an option in Scoutbook, would it be possible to also add Square as an option also? I know that PayPal is used by many units, but Square is used by many as well.

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We do as well. The reason is that Square has the optimal in person processing.

It is great to be able to make a “product type” of say a campout. You can then create a unique link for that amount for the unit. I embed that in the campout text with the url. It would be great to have a blank for the url to automatically show the amount.

Here is an example url: https://checkout.square.site/buy/VD3RQYQN3CP2HGPXPETE5LOU

well do some research - find the Developer REST API page and we can pass it on to see

Agreed, if development time is spent on incorporating online payment, I’d hate to have units have to jump through more hoops and hurdles to sign up for a service they don’t already use. We use Square as well and would be interested to see that integration.

This would seem like a starting point:

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