Support alternatives to PayPal

This is a re-request to support payment systems other than PayPal (we used square before and will likely have to go back).

Our Pack Pay Pal account just got “permanently locked”. I called to ask to have it reinstated. All forums say don’t hold your breath. They won’t say what flagged it, just that you can never come back even with a new account since you will still have your same checking account.

So, it looks like for our pack, the integration of PayPal is no longer useful. We have turned it off and await PayPal’s re-evaluation of our account.


One more thing to note: Scoutbook was the last transaction before our closure was triggered. I don’t know if it was the cause or just happened to be the last transaction.

I would like to second this request to add Square as a payment option in Scoutbook. I requested this addition a while ago.

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As a Scouting Unit - I would NEVER advise using Paypal - most try to set up as a 501C3 with paypal then the paperwork is not there and Paypal just confiscates the assets and ends communication

This can happen even if the paperwork is there. :frowning:

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