NEW and UPDATES to the STEM Awards at

As of 25 May and 5 June the National STEM Award requirements at have been updated. Has this been rolled over to Scoutbook as to use the most current information? All Levels and Awards and Processes have been updated.

This is the first. We are hearing about award changes. We will add it to the backlog.


Can you point us to the May 25 and June 5 updates? The link in your post does not contain requirements.

STEM Nova awards

Since requirements are both changed and deleted. It looks each requirement in Scoutbook will need to be verified against the updated award requirements webpages.

How does BSA® IT plan to use volunteer help, or not, to do this since programming is no longer to be discussed nationally in the Scouting forums? Have over two hundred councils duplicate the work? A national volunteer team may be needed to do this.

Here is what I found:

From FAQ updated 5/3/2022:

The updated requirements for the Cub Scout STEM Nova awards will be updated on June 1st and posted at

Minor edits to the page will be made on June 1, 2022, to reflect the most current and accurate information for all awards.

The web “page” being referred to appears to be the pages in the “Award Requirements” subsection.


Links to STEM Nova Awards pages

Some links are to STEM Nova awards home and some are to the STEM Nova awards program page.



It depends on the award as too which date it was updated. Just go to the requirements in the left and click on each award and check the date on the last page at the bottom of the PDF and it will say what date it was updated.

@BenjaminWard What pdf? I don’t think your link above goes to what you intended.

All are under the programs here -

Yeah, reading it again, that seems to be the intention and looking at each individual Nova award pdf.

This is posted on the Nova Awards Facebook page.

Have you seen the updated STEM pages at ?
The award requirements are up-to-date including handling the retired Cub Scout adventures.
Counselor and Mentor training is available as Powerpoints with speaker notes.
Unit Guides help units that haven’t yet used the Nova Awards as part of their program to add them.

Jacob, it does. You have to click on the left hand side of the website where it says awards and click on the program and then click on each award. I am not going through and posting each and every link when you are able to do this as well as I can.

Make sure also you look at each super nova award for each level and program as they were updated as well.

Yeah, that’s what I figured you meant, but I was hoping they had something that summarized/announced the changes.

I had another leader also ask for a summary document. There is not one. I am guessing they figured people can go and click on the award requirements.

Yeah, that certainly works for administering the program, because you do it one nova at a time. It doesn’t work so well as the basis for an IT requirements document. I think Bill found most of the changes yesterday, but it’d be nice to have something to compare against.

The SB developers are working on the updates. I don’t have an ETA yet.

I hope th SB developers are marking the old awards “retired June 1, 2022” instead of just deleting them.

Don’t know. For Cub Scouts, the changes are minor, mostly removing discontinued adventures from the text list of adventures.
The list for Scouts BSA and Venturers are also in the text.
And once a requirement is completed, it is completed. What’s done is done (as they say)…

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