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Still cannot access Internet Advancement 2.0

Stephen (great name by the way) I appreciate the candor. Thank you for the information and background.

“I would not expect to have a parent or scout be able to mark advancement or awards complete in internet advancement. As far as the log entries, based on input from leaders, [they] come in from scout or parent entry as pending approval.”

Excluding those who are leaders, no parent or scout SHOULD be able to mark advancement or awards (or camping nights) as APPROVED, but there’s no reason they can’t mark them as COMPLETE, if they’ve completed them. This is a key feature of Scoutbook, not a flaw. Now if we’re only dealing with semantics, that’s not really a big deal (pending approval/approval vs complete/approved).

It’s all good info, but doesn’t really answer the question: ACCESS. What on earth would be the problem with ANY registered unit leader viewing someone’s camping nights or hiking miles? Why restrict even VIEWING it (not approving anything)?

And, lastly, why would we do major changes like this unannounced and RIGHT before most Cub Scout units do rank advancement?

I’ve made my point. I’m not going to continue to reply unless there’s new info.

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Still having access issues, our Pack to my knowledge never really used IA, unless it was a behind the scenes system, so I really hope we get access as den leaders.

That said, it seems like major changes like this draw a lot of emotion, myself included, and I just want to say thank you to the SUAC members that volunteer their time, answer our questions, and take the brunt of our commentary. Deep down, I’m confident that we all appreciate your dedication and service to Scouting.


@MarkHughes - well said. Personally though I am not sure how many really appreciate the efforts that volunteer peers put into this.

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I’ll echo MarkHughes. I don’t think anyone thinks ill of the individuals implementing the change; to the contrary, you have our sincere appreciation.

Most of our remaining questions are “Why is this being chosen as the solution?” Most mature adults realize some things need to change. If there is a system limitation, perhaps it can be altered? It seems to me that there should be at least 5 levels of permissions to access information:

  1. Denied
  2. View
  3. Submit
  4. Approve
  5. Dev-level access

I’m concerned that 2-4 are being lumped into the same group (or at least 2-3).

@StephenHenley - here we are not intending to restrict access, but broaden the access which we’ve discovered was inadvertently restricted.

Feedback from you and others is important to us and heard. We are working quickly and tirelessly to resolve issues and pain points being felt across the Scouting community. Your patience and understanding is sincerely appreciated.


THAT’S what I wanted to hear. Thank you so much and we look for resolution soon!

Question: is there a legacy database capturing/storing all the activity logs previously entered for the Scout and for the Adult leader somewhere waiting to be ported over to the new version of Scoutbook/Internet Advancement?

Question: Is May 22 the anticipated roll out now?

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Yes, the data in the legacy logs is still there, but not visible in Scoutbook. The data was already ported over to Internet Advancement. Are you a parent or a leader? If you are a parent, you should be able to access your Scout’s logs by using the Scouting mobile app.

I am both a parent and an adult leader.

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Where do we now stand?