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Internet advancement

My troop is coming from another wed site called troopmaster , now almost everything moved over to scoutbook , But the service projects and hiking and camping did not , I have 20 boys and it goes back as far as 2014 , How do I add their activities ??? and I also am a key 3 person , but I can not add activities for any other boy , other then my son. I can not delete something if I made a mistake , also the few things I did on my son’s page now are pending . I added a merit badge for another boy and it showed up in pending for my son. how do I delete that ?? I have read most things , even watched a video , it told me how to add a new activity or new merit badge , but not how to work internet advancements . Will I have to add each boy and all his activities one by one ?? ok sorry how long this is , but I am lost !

@tammyfranks - first question, please define the key 3 for a unit? Once we establish that we can move onward…
Key 3 are:
Unit Leader (Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Crew Advisor…)
Committee Chair
Charter Org Rep

They can appoint delegates and the unit Advancement Chair

at this point in time if you are none of those, then unit entry for activities will not work. That however is being worked on by the team to expand the adults who can enter unit activities.


I am the advancement chair , I can add and remove things in scoutbook , but I can not in internet advancement . the only page I can see in internet advancement is my son’s . there is no home page only my son’s

Unit advancement chair is an annually expiring Functional Role that a Key 3 (COR, Chair, or Unit Leader) has to enter into my.scouting.org > Unit Security Manager. It sounds like they do not have you entered into the system.

I am added as a advancement chair , I can use scoutbook , I just can not seem to add anything in internet advance except my own son’s page

@tammyfranks - were you added as such in my.scouting.org. The role in scoutbook is not in effect at scoutbook.scouting.org. Could you also provide a screen shot of what you see. I have a feeling you are on the scouting app.myst

when I open internet advancement this is what I see . this is it , and that link also takes me right to this page , no home page or anything like what you showed .

@tammyfranks - I had placed a snip from my.scouting.org showing my functional roles as assigned by the Key 3. That would have to be in place for you to see this:

Until a key 3 does that in my.scouting.org you will be left with the view you currently see.

if i am a key 3 in scoutbook how can I not be in internet advancement ?? and how do I fix it so I am ??
I have never seen this page you posted , I wish I could

ok in myscouting.org it says I am a committee chair …Then there is a red B what does that mean ??

@tammyfranks - could you post a screen shot of the active positions as seen in MYSTroles

If you have a windows pc you can use snipping tool to capture the screen rather than a photo.

i only have a chrombook so yeah got to take a pic sorry lol

@tammyfranks - that is not my.scouting and you are not Committee Chair. When you log into my.scouting then in the upper right click on the person icon then select my profile what shows there.

on chromebook:
Hold down the Ctrl + Switch window keys to capture a full screenshot . Hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Switch window keys to capture a partial screenshot .

go to my.scouting.org > log in > click menu top left > click My Profile > look bottom left at Active positions - that is what we need to see to help you

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I don’t have a switch key , sorry but here is a pic of what you asked for .

@tammyfranks - thank you. So the next action steps would be to have a Key Three, such as Committee Chair, Scoutmaster or Charter Org Rep, add you as Unit Advancement Chair in my.scouting.org and if so inclined to ad you as a key 3 delegate.

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Thank You for your time and you all are really nice ! I understand , my scoutmaster has to add me as a 3 key or advancement chair in scouting.org . thank you again I will tell him .

@tammyfranks - not a key 3, a delegate to the key 3

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understand thank you

I am Committee Chairman for my pack. How do you you approve a hike? Hikes, Camping, and Service hours never needed approval under Scout book. Currently I can only see my son but non of the rest of the Pack. Why does Internet Advancement have access to all awards? We have procedures written into our by-laws on how to approve awards. I fear IA 2.0 could circumnavigate our process.