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Still cannot access Internet Advancement 2.0

I have been the Award Coordinator for my troop for years. My Committee Chair has changed my designation to what 2.0 finds acceptable for accessing the data but it still is not working. This is adversely affecting our ability to have a Court of Honor, give ranks advancements, and assist scouts that are going for their Eagle rank. Exactly what is it that we need to do to make this happen because the FAQs are less than helpful.

Has your Troop Committee Chair designated you as the “Unit Advancement Chair” using the Organization Security Manager at How long ago was this done? 24 hours after the designation is done, you should have access to Internet Advancement (there is a file that runs overnight).

Other than that, your Troop Committee Chair could also make you a Troop Admin in Scoutbook.

Yes. Why the designation was changed to “committee member” at roll over from 1.0 to 2.0 has not been clarified. We received NO warning of these changes. This is a significant problem for our rank advancements as well as for scouts seeking their Eagle rank. As it is we may not be have to have a COH because of yet another snafu with the Internet Advancement system.

@KathrynMartinez1 - the Advancement Chair/Co-Ordinator is a committee member and as an advancement co-ordinator for the pack that is how I am listed. What exactly happens when you log into, and what exactly do you see.

And we use Troop Master, not Scoutbook. The reason why we keep the two systems separate should be apparent given all of the problems that have been revealed at the roll out of 2.0

Just reading the board here I see that problems that are supposed to have been addressed already persist such as Eagle ranks disappearing despite councils having already awarded the eagle rank months ago, if not longer. Scouts have disappeared from rosters. People that are Key-3 still can’t access IA 2.0. This has been a really bad roll out of something so significant to the entire way advancement works and sets a horrible example to scouts and their families.

I am told that I do not have the correct designation to access the information. It isn’t just that I can’t make changes, I can’t see anything at all.

The old Internet Advancement was not tied to any particular person or position – anyone (registered with the BSA or not) with the unit code and password could log in and access all kinds of personal information. The BSA decided to tie access to certain registered positions (unit Key 3) or functional roles (unit Key 3 can designate an Advancement Chair or up to three Key 3 Delegates).

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@KathrynMartinez1 - the URL for IA 2.0 is At any rate, a key 3 would need to designate you are unit advancement chair in the Organization security manager in If that was not done then not much will change.

My designation with IA 1.0 was award coordinator. There was no reason to lose the designation in the rollover. There is certainly no adequate reason why the troop committees were not notified of the issues they would face with the IA 2.0 We are volunteers, not employees of BSUSA. The scouts are our concern, not the bureaucracy of some software roll out.

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We use TroopMaster not scoutbook. The reason why we keep the two systems separate is for the very reasons I see all over this forum. Mistakes and lack of access to data already keyed in. The scouts take precedence over convenience. I’ve read several complaints of lost data at this roll out. Very disappointing and it makes me relieved that we have a back up rather than be totally dependent on IA 2.0

How long ago did your Troop Committee Chair designate you as Unit Advancement Chair at It takes 24 hours for the system to recognize the change in functional role.

You had no designation in IA1.0 - if none of your K3 can log into the first place to talk to is your council cause it sounds like you might have registration issues.

@KathrynMartinez1 - that was a designation ONLY for IA not based on anything in the person database in my.scouting and so anyone could have done that input if they had the login.

I will give it another 24 hours. At that time I will tell the scouts and their parents they will have to contact council for the information they seek for Eagle rank applications, etc. If the additional time does not fix the problem, there are going to be some extremely unhappy parents. This is not a situation that should have EVER arisen.

If a person was designation a certain level of responsibility in IA 1.0 that absolutely should have rolled over to the 2.0 version. Why do we re-charter every year and designate positions if not for that to be in the databases correctly?

And again, we don’t use Scoutbook because of the very issues I see in this forum of lost data and lack of access. We use TroopMaster and then manually key in the ranks, etc. And I was designated award coordinator at every re-charter as my position which was then recorded in our troop data in IA. All of that data should have rolled over.

Again, there was no particular person associated with the old Internet Advancement. Anyone (registered or not) with the unit code and password could log in. When you recharter every year, Advancement Chairs are registered as Committee Members. Advancement Chair is not a separate registered position – it is a functional role within the committee.

@KathrynMartinez1 - the IA role is not nor ever was a part of the recharter. When the recharter is entered you are listed as a member of the committee. Would PLEASE do me a favor and look ate t he URL for IA 2 then tell me what is says.

They always have been on re-charter/registration forms. It is under the “update adult positions.”

It says that I do not have the designation to access the data. My troop committee chair went back in and changed it again to give me access. I will give this another 24 hours. At that time I will have no choice but to tell the scouting parents that they will have to contact council directly to get the “official” information and double check that the dates match for their Eagle applicants.