Suggested functionality for the Scouting Mobile App. Add notes & pictures in the App

In using Scoutbook our scouts are told to document what they have done and how they fulfilled the requirement if they are marking something as completed before a meeting in the notes. We even ask them to provide a picture if it will better show what they did. All of this can be loaded into Scoutbook on the web, but why can’t that function be added to the app.

So simply asking to be able to read and add notes in the Mobile App as well as add pictures.

Both are in App - comments work - testing photos now

Has this been released yet? If so how do you add a comment/note?

@AndrewBlackwell good question - will have to ask - when you have the test app you cannot have the real app

@AndrewBlackwell yeah not in Production yet - checking

@AndrewBlackwell ok the DEVs thought comments were on (fell into trap mentioned) - hopefully comments will be on next 24-60 hours - there will be an photo icon also (I think) but it is part of a bigger story in the works

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