Plans for Notes and Comments?

Are all the “Notes and Comments” that are stored with advancement within the Scoutbook framework or within the higher level database? If they are just currently maintained within Scoutbook itself, are there plans to migrate this information into the higher level database as we migrate to IA2? or will everything that is currently there get dropped or put into a “legacy” area?

My reason for asking is because we have always suggested that scouts take a picture of their requirement section of their book after they finish a rank and store it somewhere safe, in case their book disappears or those pages disappear. For the time being during virtual scouting some of us have started storing the pictures within Scoutbook, under “Notes and Comments” for the rank. Should we push for all the scouts to start storing this type of data there or is it just a waste of time because it will be obsoleted?

Yes I know Scoutbook itself serves as a backup for this type of data, but we are still in a time of transition where original signatures in books and things like that matter.

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IA2 uses the same database as scoutbook. So, no migration will be needed.

I went to the trouble of uploading all my training completion certificates (dozens of them) thinking Scoutbook would be a place I could keep them forever. It had a button for you to upload. Alas, training details are no longer in Scoutbook, and my effort was for naught. I would not assume that photos uploaded as a Scoutbook note or comment will be accessible forever.

This will have to be considered - how SB stores profile photos is different than I would have thought so Notes might be the same way

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