Suggested improvements for email

The whole point of using email from scoutbook is to protect youth. However, once an email leaves the system, there is no way to track it. You can’t see email that has been sent, you can’t see email that is responded to, and if the BCC check box is kept checked, there is no way to know who the email went to.

Craigslist (and many other systems) has the ability to hide email addresses while also allowing a bi-directional messaging. It’s also (in my opinion) critical to be able to review email that has been sent through (and responded to) Scout Book. It’s critical for 2 deep safety, verification, and for usability and convenience.

@ChristopherFowler - that would be nice if scoutbook actually had an email server but it does not. It is reliant upon an smtp daemon.

Yeah… it would be a development effort. But it’s fixable. What they have is not set in stone.

@ChristopherFowler - the reality is the cost involved in redundancy and email storage. Everyone complaining about the cost if scouting will not like the addition of email servers and related storage.

I can only assume that there is already a budget set aside for IT services, especially given how much Scoutbook is pushed as the defecto troop management system.

Given that there is a suggestion box for improvement, I don’t believe this is the right discount suggestions due to cost. The Dev/IT team can make the priority/budget determination.

I’m not suggesting a specific solution, I’m suggesting a change to the application that makes sense, is technically feasible, and will enhance convenience and safety.

The IT/Dev team should be able to find a solution or make the necessary modifications if they deem it important enough. Having experience in this field, I find it highly unlikely the cost would be outside the existing budget.

If you don’t agree with the principle of the intent, I think that would be a much more productive discussion.

The SUAC has previously suggested similar solutions for the messaging system, and we will continue to. We appreciate the suggestion. Realistically, don’t expect it any time soon (if ever), but we will keep asking.


I just had a volunteer call me and inform me that the email feature is not working for there unit.

@ChristopherFowler FYI - the Feature Assistant Extension handles this case - when BCC is used, a listing of who the email went to is included in the email itself. See Feature Assistant - What is it?

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