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Supernova Bug

The bug is older, but still with with the app my child is shown a completing the Supernova award.

It’s marking it as 100% complete and saying he earns the award from completing two Wolf Activities.

That’s a big deal bug in the system to have one of the hardest items to finish for their age show as complete in the view each parent sees.

Requirement 1: Code of the Wolf was completed through advancement (or Make it move). It shows as in progress. Only these two items show as needing to be done for requirement 1. The AND item is missing
Requirement 2: Call of the Wild was completed through advancement (or Forensics). It shows a complete. This one is accurate

But it’s not. We didn’t start the supernova so it should reset and require Bear advancement be completed. We must complete the item “for their rank” when completed and we didn’t as a Wolf so it needs to not count those two items for the award now that they became a Bear

Supernova shows as 100% complete from these two items in the mobile app.

there’s no other requirements showing in the mobile app. The website has the rest of requirement 1 not marked, nothing else in requirement 2, and nothing from requirements 3-10

So the mobile app doesn’t know about the other 8 requirements and doesn’t understand you don’t give 100% for the incomplete requirement 1

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