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Webelos Aquanaut

We’re at summer camp, and our scouts finished Aquanaut.

The requirements are to complete 1-4 and at least two others. They completed 1-4, 5 & 8. Scoutbook shows as 83% complete. Am I missing something? My math says it should be 100%.

are you on the current version? or a past one? either way just mark one more done to complete them or force complete each. We will research it and see if it needs to be fixed

just test 1-4, 5, 8 and it went to 100% for me on current version of adventure

@MichaelTrotochaud - like Donovan I am suspecting the prior version.

You are correct. I entered the completion via the app, and there was no option to select a version. I entered it there and incorrectly assumed that it would use the most current version. I went into the website and after switching versions, it came up as 100%.

I am changing my bug to be that the app is not using the most recent version of awards by default. Would you like me to submit a new bug?

Well had you already started the adventure before? Or had someone else?

@MichaelTrotochaud - well hold on… are you talking about the scouting app ? If so that can only be used for a single scout/parents

Or the Den Leader Experience app?

And you know I would have gotten away with it if it were not for that meddling kid @JenniferOlinger


I entered it in the Scouting app for my son (no other scouts, no one started it before me).

Upon entering requirements 1-4,5,&8 the adventure came up as 83%.

When I checked it in the web client, it was listed as 83% in with the 2015 requirements. I needed to manually switch it to 2016. At that time, it came up as 100%.

The adventure was initially entered in the app.

We have now identified why it was coming up as 83% vice 100% (despite the requirements being met as listed on the screen). The issue now is why when using the app, it was being recorded as the 2015 requirements.

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Any additional thoughts as to what happened with this?

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