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On my.scouting.org I am trying to switch back to using my BSA credential instead of gmail since I am moving to a new gmail account. It is not letting me because it says my username is to short, however, it wont let me change my username. I assume this restriction wasn’t in place in the past which is why I am able to have a shorter username. Anyway, my BSA ID is 12366702 let me know if you need any other info to help me out.

In the long run what I am trying to do is just get signed out of gmail so I can switch my account to sign in using my new gmail account.

Think you are going to have to talk to council on this one

Is it too on point to comment that the situation sounds a little Kafka-esque?

this is my main hang up here switching back to BSA Creds… I can’t edit the username =\ will i have to go to council for that too?

LOL this is maddening I can’t switch back to BSA Creds lol

If I go the rest of my life without hearing about Kafka again I’d be great LOL … we use AWS Kinesis where I work :stuck_out_tongue:

Some departments use Kafka but we don’t talk about them LOL


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@banning as I suggested Have council turn in a national ticket to change name to something long enough

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I have asked to develop a work around

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