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Change scout's username

Our scout has an account which has his dad’s email address as his username. We would like to change this username so my husband may use his email to create his own profile, as he is now a den leader. We have changed our son’s email address in Scoutbook, but this did not change our son’s username so my husband is still not able to create his own account. Any suggestions on changing the username?

Hi, @RachelDavis,

The only way to change the username for an account is to contact I’m not 100% sure even they can do so, but I would assume it’s possible.

A couple of things you may need to watch for. First, if your son’s Scoutbook account and BSA ID were associated with your husband’s email address, it is possible that the association persists in another location such as the council or national registries, even though you made a change in Scoutbook. As such, it may need to be corrected there as well. Also, if your husband’s email address is associated with your son’s BSA ID number, it may impact whether or not your husband is able to use it to create an account at for the required Youth Protection Training.

I’m not sure who can best help with the potential untangling your husband’s email address from your son’s records outside of Scoutbook. Maybe one of the folks with more Registrar-clue can chime in on that end of things?

Hi Rachel,
Probably the easiest thing to do to avoid the issues that @CharleyHamilton mentioned is to have your husband create a new email account to use with Scoutbook, and configure that to forward everything to his existing email account. That should let him get started with the stuff he needs to do as an Adult Leader without messing up your Scout’s account. Then, you should be able to fix issues as they come up.

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