Text messages being sent as emails

Tried to send a text. In the message creation page, selected text. Got the dialog box for 160 characters, selected my recipients, hit send. Came through in email inboxes and not to phones via SMS.

@MarkSlaven - I just did a test text and I received it as a text. Is your mobile configured in the system ?

Looks like it was just really delayed for some reason. Could be my mobile carrier. Just got it on my phone from 20 minutes ago. We can close this out.

I think users still have to opt in to get Texts

@MarkSlaven - and as an fyi and email will be sent to the sender as well.

yes thanks. I have used it before. It was just weird that I didn’t get the text until after 20 minutes from hitting send. Pretty sure now that it was my mobile provider’s fault.

@MarkSlaven - it would seem that way as mine was immediate after clicking send


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