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Text Messaging v2: 160 character allowance truncates due to sender email

Re-reporting since nobody responded to my original post.

I noticed that my 159-character text message I typed into the site this morning was truncated when it delivered to my phone. The sender was " " which is exactly as long as the number of characters missing from the delivered message.

I suspect this is ‘working as designed’ but also poor design, since many carriers include the sender info in the total SMS character limit, which means this will be an ongoing issue. Can the sender be changed to an actual phone#, or can the allowed characters be shortened, so full messages are delivered? (Ideally both - that’s a 33-character sender so reducing to accommodate allows less than the normal 140-160 characters for text messages, and everything we type into the form, we should reasonably expect to be delivered.)

I have sent myself several text messages tonight and the sender was not in any of them. I sent myself a 160 character message and all characters were received.

I will add that I just tried a text of 160 characters and the Samsung message app received it with the email header and removed the majority of the last sentence.

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What does it say the sender is?

Maybe iMessage is just smarter. The message was prefixed with From Ed DAvignon via but the entire 160 character message was received.

The sender was listed as so I do thing that IMessage may well know the owner of the cell number or the fact that my phone lists myself several times could be at issue. I will need to muck around with it to be certain.

I tested again. The emailed copy of the text I receive has all the message, but the texted version definitely is cutting off. I do have the Feature Assistant enabled on this machine.

As sent from the website:

As received via text (on Android, standard messaging app):

As received via email (standard BCC to the sender):

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