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Text message to Troop not working

The text messaging feature does not work in Scoutbook. There is a character limit of 160, yet after typing 50 characters it wont send. The automatic add-in section of who it goes to adds to the character count and exceeds the limit, preventing the message from sending out. (3 Youth were selected in the message also.)

Troop 45 - Crown Point, IN

Been meaning to mention that myself… following…

At the bottom of the screen mine defaults to “include names when BCC is selected” and “include youth protection when youth are included” as being checked.

I figured out that if I uncheck those it sends text fine. I am guessing that those 2 things in the text fill up the 160 character limit.


The “include” options come from the Feature Assistant Extension. I have asked the developer to automatically disable these options when Send Text is selected.

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