Time on full month calendar is wrong

This event is supposed to be at 6:30. Beyond the time zone problem where it shows to start at 5:30, the line entry on the monthly calendar view shows 4pm.

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I think this is being worked on but I will make sure

@AudreyReed was this an edited time event?

99% certain the time was never edited.

I’m pretty sure showing 4pm is because it thinks it’s at 4:30. It leaves the minutes off which I’ve previously reported. But being off by two hours is a stretch. Which tomezone are you in? Does it list the right timezone at the top?

Central time zone. Event was created to start at 6:30pm. The time zone issue causes it to show 5:30pm.

The calendar system relies on the timezone being set correctly in setting within IA, on the device that created it, and the device that’s viewing it. Are all of those set to central time? And no one traveled outside central time or near a boundary (when setting or viewing)?

Yes, confirmed it’s still correct. No travel.

There is a known timezone issue that the programmers are working

I think this might go beyond just the time zone problem. The original problem exists here AND the time displayed is even another hour off.

Both issues have already been reported. But something is still odd by being a full two hours off the time.

It is probably best to get these aforementioned issues fixed then see if you still see an issue.

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Development is telling us Time Zone issues should be resolved now.

@WilliamNelson - I checked events post DST date and it is showing correctly

When they “fixed” the problem, it kept the adjusted time, not the time I put in (which was 6:30 start).
Will we have to go fix all events created in IA before the problem was fixed?

Let me ask if there is anything they can do in your case.

I was told “The user will need to fix because it wasn’t a data issue. It was a User Interface issue not rendering the data correctly and displaying a local time. We won’t know in her case which ones were created in SB and would hate to do a data fix that creates a greater issue”

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