Times displayed on monthly view suddenly changed

I was looking at the monthly view of the calendar and while the times were wrong (showing 6pm instead of 6:30pm), they were at least in the correct hour. I went to a different tab and when I went back to the calendar, all of a sudden all of the times changed on the monthly view (2 hours late, so an event at 4pm shows 6pm on the monthly view). When I hover over the items, they show the correct times on the detail. I refreshed and the issue remains. I can see at the top of the calendar that we are using the correct time zone.

@ErinBrown - what is your tz setting in socutbook and what shows there

In Scoutbook it is Pacific Time (UTC-08:00) and at the top of the IA calendar, it shows America/Los Angeles (GMT-7:00). Our settings are correct, and the calendar was showing the sort of correct time one second and then the next it changed (while I was simply on a different tab, not doing anything with the calendar).

@ErinBrown - just for a test, could you go into that setting in scoutbook, don’t change it but click update and the same in IA

When I went back to the calendar it was back to normal. It seems like it is just random. I will still click the update button, but I don’t think it is really troubleshootable right now. I appreciate your help!

I have a similar problem. When I put an end time as 8:00 PM, it always changes it to say 9:00 PM. Even when I try to edit the event to 8 pm it will change it to 9 pm. It should not matter what time zone I am in to put the time.

@JoAnnTrader What timezone are both your unit and your device set to? Are you having issues with the start time too, or just the end time? What is the start time of the event?

The start time is correct on the event, but when I go to the calendar view it shows 30 minutes sooner. So our event is scheduled at 6:30 pm, it shows on the calendar as 6 pm. End time was originally set for 8 pm, but it automatically changes it to 9 pm once I save the event.

See my screen shots in this thread. My Internet Advancement is set to American/Chicago GMT-05:00, my computer is UTC-06:00 Central (US & Canada). There is no switching either one to be the same. They both should be central time where I am locate.


The start time showing as 6pm is because that only displays the hour (no minutes). I have previously asked the developers to modify this to show the actual time.

For the end time issue, are you seeing it modified as soon as you select the time, or is it after you save and go back into it?

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