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Calendar Reminder Time Zone Problem

I set a calendar event on 12/11/19 7pm-8:30pm with a reminder to go out 24 hours in advance. The email generated stated that the event was from 8-9:30pm (UTC -05:00 Eastern).

I figured this was a time zone issue and I sent a “send now” notification and the time was corrected on the email to 7-8:30pm but displayed (UTC -06:00 Central).

I presume that this is stemming from prior problems with time zones that I’ve read about. The time zone on the computer that the events was set is -05:00 UTC Eastern.

Are you using Internet Explorer?

Yes. The majority of events were originally created with IE, however, some were edited on a mobile device with Safari, some edited with a different computer with Firefox.

Update: I noticed that all of my events were shifted forward by one hour without any input from me. I’ve gone back in with Firefox and set all the times back to what they should be and removed automatic reminders to prevent this from occurring again.

There is a known issue with Internet Explorer not picking up the correct TZ from the PC. So, it make sense that events created with IE would have the wrong time. (See the banner message in Scoutbook).

Thanks for the reply. I’ve gone back in and edited then saved all calendar events using Chrome. I’ll be sure to stay away from IE in the future!

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