Totin' Chip (2024)

I ran a report of scouts who had not earned Totin’ Chip and noticed there’s a new option for “Totin’ Chip (2024)”. Where can I find a summary of the changes for 2024?

It is not mentioned in the BSA advancement updates for 2024 (, and comparing the Totin’ Chip website ( to one from 2022 on the wayback machine, I can’t find a single wording change.

If I recall it added #5 - I will not use or point a knife in a threatening manner.

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Well, that’s a great rule! I can’t seem to find it online, but I’m happy to hear what it was about.

Advancements relies on SB and its products to be the Canon - Other websites like the Merit Badges pages at - are slowly starting to feed from the SB Database.

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