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Hello, may I get some advise with these two questions/concerns. Thank you

Unfortunately, the link you provided in the previous email did not address the issue we are having in Pack 72 regarding the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award pin. My ethical concern is marking the Advancement as “Awarded” when there was no pin given to the Scout. As was reiterated with my recent visit to the Scout Shop, the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award pin “has been discontinued and is no longer available.” (Name removed by moderator) was the first Scout to encounter this issue; now, I have an additional two Scouts that this applies to. [Name removed by Moderator for privacy]'s mother was able to purchase the pin on Amazon but recently searched and it is no longer available. Please advise how to proceed with reconciling the “Needs Awarding Report” in Scoutbook.

Also, we recently awarded Advancements to our Pack at our Blue and Gold Ceremony. Some parents brought it to our attention that their Scout did not receive Awards that they had earned. Upon more investigation, it appears that Scouts have been marked as Earned and Approved in Scoutbook, but it did not electronically transfer to the “Needs Purchasing Report.” For example, [name removed by Moderator for privacy] completed his Cyber Chip Award on 01/20/22 and it was Leader Approved on 01/20/22. I created PO #642232 on 01/24/22 and it did not populate onto the PO. Allen is a new Scout so this would have been his first time ever earning a Cyber Chip Award. Please advise.

Awards will not appear in a Needs Purchasing Report if they were on a previous Purchase Order, not approved or were marked Awarded in Scoutbook. If the Cyber Chip is not marked awarded and is approved, I suggest going back through closed Purchase Orders to look for it.

It is not a restricted award so you do not need an advancement report to buy it.

@tommymartinez - and make sure it was marked in the awards and not just the rank requirement line.

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As alluded to above, Scoutbook is designed to help leaders keep track of which awards need to be purchased and awarded, but each unit has to determine the best way to use the tools and status levels. If someone mistakenly marks something as awarded, before it shows on the Needs Awarding or PO reports, then it can be overlooked.

In the case of the Outdoor Activity Award pin, if you can find one on eBay, great. Otherwise, I guess you can make up your own award or certificate as it looks like the pin is no longer available.

Regarding CyberChip… was the actual award marked competed and approved, or just the rank requirement? The latter will not show up in reports. I’ve always found it best to keep track of CyberChip (and the rechargers) and Whittling Chip manually.


@tommymartinez For the Cyber Chip awards, did the parent add them on the Scout’s Awards page in Scoutbook? Or on the rank requirements page?

As Stephen and Sage said, they need to be marked completed and approved on the Scout’s Awards page in order for the award to show up on Needs Purchasing Report and Purchase Orders.

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Thank you I will get back to you soon to confirm your questions. Thanks again!

Thank you, I will confirm your question soon when the leader gets back to me hopefully soon.

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