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Tracking outside certifications

Before the integration with MyScouting, we used to be able to list external/third-party certifications such as CPR. Now, that no longer exists. I really would like to see this back!

You can still add certain outside trainings to like aed/cpr/first aide

Hi, @TheTubaGeek,

As @JeremyPenner noted, Key 3, Key 3 delegates, and designated Unit Trainers can enter training for their adults at my.scouting in the Training Manager.

I know you can track this down through my.scouting by searching each adult/scout based on their my.scouting username or BSA ID in the Legacy Web Tools under the menu at the left side. I’m still getting used to the Training Manager (new Key 3 delegate), so I’m not sure if there’s a way to pull a report on that training. If not, then we (the users, I mean) should submit a feature request the the folks at so they know it’s something we need to be able to track.

It seems like the ability to report on any/all training tracked in the BSA system (e.g. Climb on Safely, Safe Swim Defense, First Aid, CPR/AED, etc) should be part of the reporting system at my.scouting. I just haven’t yet figured out whether or not the system actually can do it.

ETA: It looks like the codes for First Aid and CPR/AED are N01 and N06, respectively.