Adult or Leader training reports with dates

I would like to run a report that shows the completion dates for each course an adult or leader has taken. And would love to see red flags on accounts for YPT and other mandatory safety courses when they are due to be completed again. Any help getting the dates is greatly appreciated.

Have you looked at the reporting options available in I know there have been requests before to get training reports in Scoutbook, but those largely got kicked back on the basis that the canonical training record is in my.scouting, not in Scoutbook.

YPT report under your units options if you are a key 3. Shows all perennate information. As @CharleyHamilton said you have to use my.scouting. The trained leader report goes back to my.scouting now anyway.

Adding to what @JohnGeiser wrote, if you aren’t a Key 3, one of your Key 3 could designate you as either Unit Training Chair or a Key 3 Delegate in the Position Manager tab of the Organization Manager at Either of those allows you to, IIRC, run the my.scouting training reports.

I am a key 3 (Committee Chair) and I am absolutely fine with using and don’t need more reports in Scoutbook. I just can’t seem to see the dates when I run a report. We are having a canoe trip in a few weeks and I want/need to run a report checking on SCO_802 Safety Afloat to be sure we have adequate resources with current qualifications. Thanks for all the answers as always - you folks are awesome!

I also wanted to see parents and not just registered leaders or scouts in Anyway I can do that? I have a parent that wanted to be a leader, has filled out the application, taken YPT but keeps forgetting to print the YPT cert for me. I just want to print it and submit the application.

So, searching non-registered folks is more complicated.

For registered leaders, if you go to the Training Manager, then the Add/Search feature, choose the Search option, then filter by adults, you can select all of the adults on a page at a time, choose “View Training”, then click on each successive adult to look for the training code. It shows the dates for completion and expiration (where applicable). You have to repeat that for each roster page, but it’s faster (generally) than searching everyone by their BSA ID number.

I couldn’t figure out how to search by the training code.

For non-registered adults, you need their BSA ID, and you can look under the BSA Web Links then Training Validation. It’s clunky as all get-out, but it can be done.


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