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Can training codes be added to training classes in the My Training Catalog so that when we search the training code (since that’s all that is in the training report) we can easily figure out which class to take instead of having to find years old forum posts pointing to PDFs that I would never actually find on my own looking around the website?

Frustrated Volunteer Trying to Do the Right Thing :sob:

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@AudreyReed Are you having issues with your my.scouting account? It looks like you have the wrong BSA member ID number set as “primary” at Manage Member ID.

Could you explain a little more what you are trying to do? If you are trying to see which courses you need to take for your own registered positions, the easiest way to see is to log in at my.scouting and then:

  1. Click on: Menu → My Training
  2. Click on the “Requirements” tab.

Then it will show you the courses you need for your registered positions (course names and course numbers).

I understand your frustration. The training reports only show the code you still need to complete to become fully trained. The requirement list mentioned above does not give the on-line (“SCO”) codes used in the training reports.
For a complete list of searchable, on-line, training codes, go to “Training Quick Links”.

  1. go to: Training Quicklinks | Boy Scouts of America
  2. Click on “Training Course Codes” (at the top of the list!)

It will download an Excel spreadsheet with all of the codes.

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I can see the merit for “regular volunteers” being able to see the course code on the actual module, though. If someone says “you’re missing the ##### module”, being able to confirm it’s the right thing before you take it has value to make it easier for volunteers to get into compliance.

That’s in addition to the “course programs” interface, which has made things much easier when you’re trying to make sure you cover everything that is required for a particular position.

I didn’t think I was having trouble, it seems like something is wonky. Right now, all my positions are correct in Scoutbook but I show no requirements in the My.Training Requirements tab but my training report (provided from our training coordinator) shows that I’m not trained and a laundry list of classes I need (in spite of the fact that I did several of them in 2020 and supposedly they never expire). So I’m just trying to get the classes completed that are on that list (which is just a list of course codes, no names). All in all, pretty frustrating trying to piece it together.

I have no idea what you’re saying about my BSA ID; the one in my.scouting matches Scoutbook.

@AudreyReed Please log out of Scoutbook and my.scouting, and I will fix things for you.

Thank you! That’s super helpful! Wish it was a little more obvious in the my.scouting training module, but I’ll take it where I can get it.

@AudreyReed I have set your BSA member number with registered positions as “primary”. You might need to wait overnight for everything to sync up.

But you should be able to log in and go to the “My Training” area and see which courses you have taken / need.

Depending on the courses, it might be an artifact of how the BSA training system reports completions. When a new “version” of the courses is released, it seems like they all appear as “not taken”, even for folks who are fully-trained for their position.

Being grandfathered-in only works for positions for which you have been continuously registered, IIRC, and only for some parts of the training (e.g. Hazardous Weather training and YPT have to be retaken periodically). It also required that you be fully position-trained, not just completed some or all of the online modules, for example. That trips up a lot of SM/ASMs who haven’t gotten to IOLS (available in-person only), but had finished all of their other training. When the training updates, I think all of their existing training “lapses” and they need to start over. I’d check with your district or council training coordinator to be sure of exactly how that works, though. I could have it wrong.

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I think this is what happened. :disappointed_relieved:

So weird! I never knew I had a 2nd BSA ID. Everything seemed fine until recharter then I had a :warning: by my name on the roster and no one could figure out why. Now it’s gone. These systems make my brain hurt. Thank you!

To the original question, if an admin would just add the course code to the course description, then courses would be searchable by code which is badly needed. Newbies to this site find it difficult to find the right course to select from a report provided by council.

For instance, a report might implicate: “You’re missing course 12345”
Resolution- put 12345 in the description of the course to make it searchable.

This is easily solved through data updates.


You’re right, it really should be that easy.

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You can see all of your training in MyScouting. My Training - menu - completions. Shows course name, course code, date completed, date expired if it expires. Can be sorted to view and print a report out.

@AudreyReed I would recommend that you ask your local council to submit a help ticket to National with your improvement request.


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