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Tracking Tetanus and Part D dates

is there a field to track Tetanus dates? I see Medical forms a/b and C… not sure about the check box and date for Part D or tacking Tetanus. This is all done by other troop automation software and I would consider it core functionality. Thank you for any assistance.

I’ve never heard of a part D. Are you sure that’s a National form and not something local?

Part D is “High-Adventure Notes to Physicians and Parents”

The official position of the BS is that tetanus is tracked on part B. I am most certain that BSA will NEVER add anything to ScoutBook to track any health fact outside when the forms were last done. In fact, the noise I have heard would make me think that they will not anything they think might be used to track such in fear that a volunteer would do so.


Q. What do we do with the supplemental risk advisory (the part formerly known as D)?
A. Each of the high-adventure bases has developed a risk advisory to be taken with you to your pre-participation physical exam. This information is designed to give your medical provider an idea of the environment you will be experiencing so he or she can help you be prepared for the trek. We are encouraging councils as a best practice to develop and publish risk advisories for their camps. Take them along for your examination if they are available. Please contact the camp directly if there are questions about health risks for your participation, or if accommodations are being requested.

FAQs Concerning the Annual Health and Medical Record

Each high-adventure base has its own risk advisory. They are available at the following link:

I doubt there’s going to be any expansion of the health date fields. There’s already a BSA prohibition to keeping electronic copies of individuals’ med forms.

Aside from that, based on what @KirkWood posted, there’s no check box or date for Part D anyway.

And regarding your other troop automation software, beware potential HIPAA issues if it’s recording more than what the BSA has established as OK…

The term “part D” is no longer used. There is now a supplemental risk advisory that you print out a bring with you to the physician. Each high-adventure base has its own risk advisory. They are available at the following link:

The physician would sign on part C as part of the Examiner’s Certification: "For high-adventure participants, I have reviewed with them the important supplemental risk advisory provided."

Thank you for the responses.

  1. Our troop tracks Tetanus in a field called “Tetanus” through Troopmaster because it is a key date summer camps and high adventure look for because the scouts ages 12-14 DTAP booster needs updating and it needs to be tracked Troopmaster does it we track it, are asked to track it.
  2. Part D is a check box that the scout does dependent on their high adventure. Again Troopmaster has a field for it. We track if for your high adventure scout that are 14 and above. The ‘Part D’ field gets the same date as the physician signature date on Part C.

So while your answers are interesting relating to scoutbook. Practically speaking both fields are needed, used by high adventure and summer camps, we tracking them using Troopmaster for our Boy Troop. Our sister girl troop is trying out scoutbook and finding its functionality wanting as in this case. Our Troops and associated Venture Crew total over 100 participants combined, we did 2 Sea Base, and one Philmont high adventure. We sent 60 other scouts/crew to summer camp. We used Part A, B, C, D and Tetanus dates in Troopmaster and needed to provide accurate forms with proper dates for all the events described.

So the answer is Scoutbook will not EVER track if Part D check box has been affirmed and would have the same date as Part C if it has and Tetanus won’t be tracked for Scout or Adults even though the summer camps and high adventure key on the Tetanus as a very important date that’s why we track it and Troopmaster has both Part D and Tetanus fields grouped with Part A, B, and C.

I hope this explains my question. I hope I’m understanding your answer.

Have great Weekend! -best regards, Alan

Scoutbook does not currently track the high adventure supplemental risk advisory (formerly referred to as part D) or Tetanus immunization dates.

We can ask the BSA if this is something that they could add to Scoutbook.

I have moved your post to the New Scoutbook Feature Requests area of the forums.

I guess you do what makes you feel good. For youth, they should have it at 11 or 12 (according to the CDC). For the adults, it is once every 10 years. I would simply glance to ensure that it was not been more than 10 years when I get their form each year.

Thank you all for the responses on procedure and suggestions in process change. I can tell you most of these suggestions can be turned around to most of the functionality that is in scoutbook -“You could just glance at the medical forms and make certain the dates less than 2 years current” - my point is, especially for larger units - 80+ boy troop, 20+ girl troop, and 15 venture crew - tracking part d and tetanus is needed and we have to do it with or with out scoutbook. I am stating this because we organize a trip a month, summer camp for 100+ participants, and 1-3 high adventure a year. I’m not sure you realize my perspective and my units needs. I realize scoutbook can’t do everything, and overall, I’m frustrated with the adoption of the software by small cub and scout units in my district that I also support. The product is beautiful and demo’s well, but its lack of menu function interface leaves new users hunting and pecking all over the place to find functions to achieve a process. The help system of being lost in blog-o-help is equally frusturating for power users as well as the newbs. Many of your users go away quietly. I am trying to be as constructive as possible and I want scoutbook to succeed. Thank you for all your followup suggestions. Please take my input as constructive.
best regards,


Vaccination records (immunization records)

Here is what government information I could find related to shot records. When I was a Scout in the 1960’s I carried an international certificate because I traveled between countries. I suspect a copy could be added to the paper health record.

US Centers for Disease Control

State laws establish vaccination requirements for school children. These laws often apply not only to children attending public schools but also to those attending private schools and day care facilities. All states provide medical exemptions, and some state laws also offer exemptions for religious and/or philosophical reasons. State laws also establish mechanisms for enforcement of school vaccination requirements and exemptions.

Contact your state or territory health department, and local BSA council for what they require. Overseas units may have additional requirements depending on their location.

Whether or not school rules apply to BSA units may depend upon whether a unit is sponsored by a school or meeting on school grounds.

World Health Organization

International Health Regulations (2005)

As of 15 June 2007, the model international certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis contained in Annex 6 of the International Health Regulations (2005) replaced the international certificate of vaccination or revaccination against yellow fever contained in appendix 2 of the IHR (1969).

US State Department

For those travelling to the United States of America:

  • Vaccinations - Important Notice to Immigrant Visa Applicants Concerning Vaccination Requirements

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