Add a way to track Vacanation status in scoutbook

I would like to see a area to track each scouts and adult leaders vacanation status this way when we attend a council operated camp or other facility and they require certan vacations we are able to have a report we can run showing who has what they need.

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That is what the BSA Medical form is for - that is the official record - and that is what Councils are instructed to accept


Yes, But it would allow more than 1 adult leader to have access to this information insted of having to always rely on the same person for everyting medical related

It isn’t going to happen. The BSA does not permit units to store the BSA Annual Health & Medical Record electronically.

When going to any event, the leader in charge or another designated leader should have the AHMR for everyone (Scouts, guests and adults) in their posession.


we do not store the forms electronicly. All we need is way to know if somone is up to date on there vacanation staus unless they have a exception form on file. This would help us plan outtings and help everyone make sure there is noting that would limit or prevent them from attending a camp due to new rules that are in effect.

The BSA will not add any data from the AHMR to Scoutbook. If you want to track this separately, you will need to come up with your own process.


There’s one very wrong piece of information in this thread, Covid had to match local health orders. The national health form was last updated in 2019 and hasn’t included Covid yet.

Right up until late May, we have to provide the relevant health form and a covid screening form as separate documents. The screening form looked very much like the questions a doctors office would ask upon entry.

So produce your own paper work with Yes, No or exception form attached, have the parent/guardian sign and maintain them in the same type of secured container you would keep medication.

The health history immunization section of Form 680-001, 2019 Printing (, includes:

Other (i.e., HIB)


Please list any additional information about your medical history

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There is a spot for “other” vaccinations on Part B of the AHMR. Many of us have been using that to track vaccination status for COVID.


I do not foresee this happening for a few reasons:
a. The BSA is always super hesitant to track health info online.
b. In some states such as Florida and Texas, it is illegal to ask for and/or record vaccination status.
c. There is already room for it on the health form vaccine section.


My understanding is that all medical situations like this are confidential according to HIPPA and one cannot be questioned about health things like this. Read your HIPPA rights. If that becomes a standard for Scouts BSA, there are many who will leave the organization, is my thought. If I care to tell certain people, that is my business, but everyone should not have access to my health records.

First, HIPAA as enacted applies to only a certain subset of entities, not to anyone and everyone who might come into possession of PII or medical information. Various states may have other rules which restrict how PII and medical information may be shared.

Specific to COVID vaccination status, however, the EEOC appears to specifically state that asking about COVID vaccination status is not a violation for employers, who are specifically covered by both portions of HIPAA and by the ADA. This is a complex area of law, so I recommend anyone specifically concerned about its interpretation consult a professional, rather than “random” opinions from the internet. :^)


Vaccination status of many vaccines is part of the health form and has been for many years. The unit and the camp very much need to know if there is risk for bringing a communicable virus. Everyone does not have access to this info, but the unit leaders and the health officers at camp have access.


That is not my understanding of what this gentleman is saying, and the current “vaccine” is so controversial that even the CDC and medical professionals have reservations. And I am afraid that there will be active discrimination for those who choose not to be vaccinated in the current situation. My humble opinion only.

Respectfully, opinions regarding the value/validity/safety of any given vaccine is fairly far off topic from the OP’s question/request. I personally don’t see evidence to support most of the hesitancy that I have encountered, but that’s not the topic at hand.

SUAC has noted that the BSA will not create a Scoutbook/IA2 structure for tracking vaccination status, and that the AHMR is the relevant form for such records. Several people have noted that, for vaccines not specifically identified on Part B of the AHMR, there is an “Other” category in which to record them.

If folks have an objection for whatever reason to one or more vaccinations, the BSA also has a form for that. There may be other local rules, public health regulations, insurance requirements, etc that create restrictions on what folks who have not had any given vaccine can participate in. That is also likely a separate topic.


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