Training Quick Search now case sensitive

The Quick Search function recently changed to need a last name when searching by Member ID. The last name, however, looks to be case sensitive. I searched for my Member ID with a last name “walker” and “WALKER” and both resulted in no search results. The search only worked when I put my Member ID and “Walker”. This is very confusing for users that don’t know the search is case sensitive (getting no search results). Could you please remove the case sensitive requirements for the search to work? @CharleyHamilton

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Since this is a issue, the best way to get this addressed is by asking your Council to open a JIRA ticket with BSA IT.

@CharleyHamilton had helped with a very similar issue with Quick Search 3 days ago. It is related. Can they please look at?

@DennisWalker - it was not Charlie it was @RonaldBlaisdell

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Reported to the development team.


Yeah, I’m just a unit-level volunteer who hangs out on the boards. As @Stephen_Hornak noted, @RonaldBlaisdell was our collective hero getting that issue to the attention of the folks who could affect the change.

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This issue has been corrected.


Thank you so much! Yes, I verified and it is working regardless of upper/lowercase.

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