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Search for New Leader/Parent by Membership ID

I cannot believe that after @MichaelTrotochaud submitted this request to be able to search for a new leader or parent by BSA Member ID, the request was auto closed. I encountered this same issue, and have previously also, as he described. A new leader has a common name, and there are multiple profiles identified without providing a search by Member ID OR listing the associated Member ID to confirm the right profile is being selected. This is basic functionality that is needed for ease of use.

We have added this to the requested new features list.

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@TadCammans Thank you for bringing this back up. I’d prefer the ability to search by ID than listing the ID with the name. The reason for this is that the Scoutbook search will only return 10 names or so. If they don’t appear in the initial list, you still won’t be able to find them.

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