Troop activities & Individual Scout records

In Scoutbook, how does one keep track of Troop activities, such as campouts, in relation to keeping track of the nights each Scout has earned for camping? Are camping nights logged under each individual Scout record, while Troop activities are posted in a different place in Scoutbook? Are Troop activities and Scout camping nights somehow connected? Thank you for any ideas with this.


Take look at this help article:

Generally, our unit tracks participation in unit-level activities (camping, hiking, service) as unit/group activities. For individual activities (like individual participation in OA events), individual activities are typically created. All of those are in the activity logs described above. Note that the logs do not automatically feed into requirements. That is handled manually, since something that is a camping activity (like cabin camping) might not count for any particular requirement (e.g. Camping merit badge nights).

Mr. Hamilton, Thank you so much for the quick response. This article is very helpful. I really appreciate the direction with how to move forward.

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