Scouting outside unit

I have a Scout that recently completed a Philmont trek. How can I credit his nights and miles?

@EricFriedl - this may help

Ah, yes. I should have mentioned that this was a Council contingent, and not a unit event.

@EricFriedl - no problem… just use the same method from the roster, select the scout, then record progress and select the camping/hiking and the rest follows.

New question! My son has completed a week at Florida Sea Base. Is there a way to record night spent there? Would this be camping nights?

Why would the process be any different?

Are nights on a boat considered camping? I have never been able to count on intuitive processes in BSA procedures.
Since I seem to have offended, I’ll withdraw the question.

Well yeah they are - they are just not nights in a tent you have pitched yourself - which only applies for camping merit badge and a handful of other things. No offense, was just confused on your question.

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Thank you very much!

The Logs for the most part - are personal - just like keeping them in the Scout Handbook. They are then used to validate requirements when needed.

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It might count for some things, but not others, depending on the wording of the requirements.

For example, Camping merit badge requirement 9 says: “Sleep each night under the sky or in a tent you have pitched. If the camp provides a tent that has already been pitched, you need not pitch your own tent.” The Scout’s camping merit badge counselor might decide to count them as nights of camping for this requirement if the Scout slept on the deck and “under the sky”.

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