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Troopmaster Data to Scoutbook

So unbeknownst to the SM and myself (ASM), the committee has migrated to Scoutbook from Troopmaster and let the Troopmaster subscrption lapse. Some of the data transfered over, (merit badges, etc.). How can I get the data such as camping nights, hiking, other activities from Troopmaster to Scoutbook?

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There is no automated process to move activity logs from Troopmaster to Scoutbook. You will need to manually move this data. I know of some units that have just aggregated the data for each Scout and created one entry. For example a single service project with 50 hours of service. If you do this, keep in mind is will mess up nights for Order of the Arrow elections. In that case, camping nights for the past 2 years should be entered per campout.

Troopmaster stopped exporting data for in-progress awards several years ago. This data will need to be manually added to Scoutbook. I recommend using Quick Entry to make this task easier.

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Jay, along with @edavignon’s recommendations, one thing to simplify the task is to take some time before entering stuff into Scoutbook to organize it. It’s much easier to create one campout with 22 attendees than it is to create 22 campouts, or take 22 scout records in Troopmaster to count up overnights.

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