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Migrating from TroopMaster to SB/IA, migrating service hours and camping nights

Hi All,

Our scout troop wants to transition form TroopMaster to Scoutbook. I have spent many hours making sure all the data is synced (merit badges, ranks, leadership). Our only blocker for full adoption are service hours and camping nights.

I am a competent Python programmer. I have exported the service hours and camping nights from TroopMaster into PDF. I wrote a custom Python program to convert the data to CSV.

Is there any way that I can import this data in bulk into IA? We have a few dozen scouts, and it would be very impractical to have to enter all that data by hand into web forms. In fact I consider it a blocker for adoption. I can convert this data into any format that is needed.

Moving forward, we would input the data into IA instead of TroopMaster. We just have to change our workflow, that part is easy. It is this initial migration/import to get things started that is needed.

Many thanks in advance,
Jose L Herrero


There is currently no import capability for the activity logs. Unfortunately you need to enter each event individually.


I don’t think Troopmaster supports exporting activities either.

I converted our Troop over from TM to SB last fall. I have no programming abilities and everything was moved “manually”. We have more than 65 scouts. It was excruciating. Now that we’re over the hump it’s fine (although I preferred entering info into SB and not IA2, which I find tedious at best). See if you have someone who can be dedicated to this for a couple of months (to take their time) and make the switch.

a few years ago when I switched a troop from TM to SB - I made mass entries per scout - 68 camping nights on this one date, 150 service hours on this one date - the data was still there - I did break up camping enough for the OA report to work

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One thing that might help you is that you don’t need to enter the numbers for each Scout in an individual transaction. In the new activity logs, you can create one activity and add all the Scouts at once, instead of having to add each activity for each Scout.

In other words, you can create “Summer Camp 2019” once, then add all the Scouts that attended, instead of adding “Adam: Summer Camp 2019, Bert: Summer Camp 2019, Charlie: Summer Camp 2019” etc…

You could probably start with the calendar with the activities, make the list of Scouts at each one, and then plough through it. It may not be as onerous as expected.