How to track activities for transfer scouts

Our Troop transitioned from TroopMaster to Scoutbook about a year ago. I was told there was no option to upload the activities, so I hand-typed them for our active scouts. Now we are having scouts from other troops that disbanded transition to our troop. These troops were using TroopMaster so all their activities are not in Scoutbook. How do I track their number of camping/hiking/service hours? It is too much to enter the activities from all these other troops, but I need to track of their hours for the Outdoor Activity awards for camping and hiking. It is also nice to have a running total of all the scouts’ service hours. TroopMaster can produce a report or a CSV file of all their activities. Is there a way to enter their total campout nights, service hours, and hiking miles so that I can keep track of their totals?

When I moved from TM to SB - I just did it en mass for each scout - Scout camped 57 nights on this date, did 142 hours service on this date. Only thing it messed up a little is the OA Report

Thanks, I’ll do a single summary entry once they officially ut over to our troop. Just wondering how does it mess up the OA eligibility report. I see short term and long term camping nights.

OA eligiblity is based, in part, on a combination of short-term camping nights within the last two years and long-term camping nights within the last two years. Each category has a minimum. If you bulk-enter all of the camping nights, and some portion of them are applicable to the OA eligiblity (i.e. within past two years), then they are treated as one long-term camping experience, which may not be correct for that particular scout.

You could break-out individual camping activities within the preceding two years for scouts who are not yet arrowmen, although that’s obviously more effort. It might pay dividends in the future, however, by simplifying the ability to calculate camping nights for OA eligibility.

For more on OA eligiblity (and how long and short-term nights are differentiated), take a look at the OA website here: Membership | Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America

Thanks for the clear explanation

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