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Tutorial for Adding Mobile Phone

This might sound like a rather simple task, and you might ask “why do we need a tutorial?” The simple answer is that not everyone is as technology savy as we’d like.

Every aspect of a parent’s account can be updated by the unit admin if necessary. When I create a parent, one of the first things I do is to update all of the information I have for them. However, Activating/Verifying their “Mobile Carrier / Text Messaging” needs to be done by the individual while they are signed into Scoutbook. I want to provide a 1-sheet set of directions (maybe with some screenshots) to parents to get them to activate their number.

I’ve done a search of the various resources, and I didn’t see one out there. Is there any chance I missed it? Is there a chance we could get a 1-pager created so that I can print a stack and hand them out at Pack Night?

@MichaelTrotochaud - not sure if this fits what you are looking for but here it is:

This is probably what I’ll use, or make up a sheet with screenshots. We have had a number of people add mobile numbers, but not activate the SMS because they didn’t realize they needed to do it. I want to be able to hand them a sheet with clear directions on how to set it up correctly. I managed to create one for subscribing to calendars using the info on the “new parent” help page.

@MichaelTrotochaud - the more simple concise directions work out far better.

@Stephen_Hornak That’s what I thought too, but after nine months of trying to get people to do this, I only have 12 of 76 done… That doesn’t work well when you have a short notice schedule change.

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