Unable to add activities to the Activity Log for scouts

I am a den leader and parent, and I’m logged into the Activity Logs site. I don’t have a blue button to create anything new. When I go into the Scouting app, I can only pick options that already exist, but I can’t add a new event. I’m showing as Den Admin in both places, so I don’t know why I can’t add activities. What am I missing?

@JasonJacobs1 - just to clarify - the scouting app is for scouts and parents and not a leader app.

That’s fine, I still don’t have a way to add a new event even though the docs say I should.

Are you trying to add it to advancements.scouting.org or the red mobile app?

Both. I started at advancements.scouting, and then per the help docs downloaded the red mobile app. Neither allow me to add a new activity the way the help docs show that I should be able to.

Go to advancements.scouting.org and click the Activities link on the left side.


Then click the blue dot with a plus sign, a menu will drop down to select the type of activity you want to record. If you are a member of multiple units, be sure to set the current unit by clicking the Scouting symbol.


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@JasonJacobs1 did you figure this out?

I do see that one. Thanks!

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