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Cannot Access Calendar

I have the extension loaded on both Chrome and Firefox and have the same issue on both platforms. This makes me believe it is not a browser issue.

When I click on my calendar, the program just spins. It will continue to spin until the software logs out.

I can add new events, but cannot access the calendar with the extension on. As soon as I turn it off, and restart scoutbook without it, I can access the calendar as normal.

I have Updated my Admin Position and it has not helped. I am Pack Admin will full administrative rights.

I am also Troop Admin, so I am curious if there may be an issue with 2 Units on my calendar.

I appreciate any assistance you can provide.

There seems to be some sort of issue with the calendar interface for some folks. There’s a similar (but not identical based on the symptoms) issue reported here:

It concerns me that it just spins with the extension. It could be there is a Scoutbook Whoops! that is happening the extension doesn’t know how to handle, but that doesn’t explain why it works without the extension either. I have several unit calendars on and I am not seeing an issue.

This issue was found and fixed in V0.43.0.6.

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