Unable to add Service Hours - Type of Project is not working

My account was one of those that lost some of the roles, and I could not enter anything for my troop. My ASM role is back, and I can add activities, but I am still unable to add Service Hours. The “Type of Project” pull-down shows “No Data.” Anything I type in the field disappears when I leave the field. Without selecting a Type of Project, I cannot add service hours.

@JacobKirsch Have you selected whether it is associated with an Eagle Service Project? After you select that, then you should get the dropdown.

Thanks! Yes, that was the issue. Definitely a UX opportunity here. I’m curious why the Eagle Project Y/N question is there since that is a Type of Project (“Assisted someone else’s Eagle Project”)? It seems redundant and adds a step. If it’s truly needed, there are a few reasons why I missed this that could be improved:

  1. The radio buttons to answer the question are not inline with every other field being entered.

  2. The required field asterisks should probably be red to stand out, as is common with most online forms.

  3. Clicking “Record and Finish” highlights the Type of Project field and reveals an error saying it is required in red font; however, it should also make the Eagle Service Project question red and indicate it is required in the same manner (as well as any other missing fields, which seems to work except for this one). Making it it a pulldown like the Type of Service Project may resolve this as well; this could address item 1 above, too.

  4. It would be additionally helpful if the pull-down provided feedback instructions to answer that question if it’s missing instead of an error like “No Data.” “See previous question” or “Answer Eagle Service Project Y/N first” would help. I did not have the ability to enter service, camping or hiking for a while due to profiles being moved into Internet Advancement (another bug), so my assumption was this was an ongoing issue.

Hopefully this feedback will help!

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