Unable to edit calendar entry

I created a non-recurring calendar entry in IA. However I want to edit it. I’m unable to edit it in either IA or SB.

I did see a related report: Can't edit events in IA Calendar - #7 by jacobfetzer


As you’ve mentioned, it has been reported in the forums and to developers, multiple times.

Also you might have better luck reporting bugs related to the new calendar in the correct topic.

The programmers are currently working the issue. Thanks for reporting it.

Similar issue with any event - I just presumed the imported Scoutbook calendar items were stuck as they were. Created a new recurring event in IA, and the edit button doesn’t appear where the KB article suggests it should. Crew admin role. I don’t even see an option to delete.

Having the same problem. Fall back for now is to edit it in ScoutBook.

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Only for 8 more days… and no update pushed last week.

Same issue - unable to edit events created in SB, nor new ones created in IA (as an Assistant Scoutmaster role). Please fix. Unable to use IA calendar without this being fixed.

I am having the same issue. I am a den leader and while I can create events I cannot edit them in Internet Advancement. Our committee chair tried creating a den meeting event for me and he could edit it, but I could not.

@DavidMasciale - no need to post the issue as it is known and being worked on.

Posting to keep this alive.


There is no need to keep posting to keep this thread open. When this is fixed an announcement will be placed in the Change Log.



This should have been fixed in the last update. I know it was fixed for me and I was one of the first to report the issue. Have you tried editing or just posting to keep alive?

Continuing the discussion from October 26, 2023 New Calendar Updates - Part 1:

Just tested it. Its working for me, now

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