Cannot edit events in IA or take attendance

I’m a den leader - cannot edit events in the new calendar. Nor can I take attendance. Same issue whether created on SB or IA. At least when I create in SB I can edit there. I update my events with reminders, so IA is a complete nonstarter for me at the moment.

I’ve read through several other threads and tried the solutions there (like turning on RSVP) with no luck.


This has been reported multiple times on here and the answer from SUAC has been that it’s been reported to the developers.

Six days from the switch and I can’t create or edit events in IA.

Yeah, my main point in posting was to add another bug report. I find they get less weight when added in threads. I’m hoping everyone reports issues to get a better idea of scope. IMO it’s not ready to go live.

ETA mean all that in a nice way - appreciate the comment b /c I think we are all about at wits end.


I’m in the same boat, den leader and I can’t edit events

@DavidMasciale - known issue

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