Unable to Edit Recurring Events in Scoutbook (Part Deux)

After Gary released a fix that addressed the issue with repeats and comments in the notes section, I gave it a try. I had text in the notes section, saved the recurrence, and when I opened the first event the repeating events toggle was on. It seemed to work so I clicked “solution”.

However, when I went to delete the test series, something weird happened and only the first event was deleted. I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the prompts and decided to run the test again. Here are my steps:

  1. Created Event with the following
    Cal: Pack
    Type: Other
    Name: Repeat Test
    Repeat: Day/1/15
    Notes / Agenda / Minutes: Does this text impact repeating events?
  2. Clicked Save > Prompted to save 15 occurrences > Clicked OK
  3. Clicked “My Calendar” and saw all 15 events on there
  4. Clicked first event in series > Edit Event > *** Repeating Events Toggle Off ***
    The notes section contained:
    Does this text impact repeating events?
  5. I delete “Does this text impact repeating events?” > Click Save
  6. Click Edit Event > Repeating Events toggle is ON

It looks like the text in front of the repeat code is causing an issue again.

I started looking and my preliminary finding is that the issue is not related to the Notes field code at all. It is instead related to changes in how Scoutbook makes “event lists” available. There was a change some time ago (maybe a year or more) that impacted exporting events - and the extension was updated to use the new method for that - but it is also needed for deleting events. I am working on the fix.

Released a fix for this today.

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