Unable to Edit Recurring Events in Scoutbook (Part III)

I haven’t been able to edit or delete recurring calendar events recently. Whenever I attempt to edit or delete, I receive a spinning wheel and a message indicating the site is saving/deleting multiple entries. However nothing happens. The screen will just stay like that for many minutes until I finally decide to give up.

I’m using Chrome Version 109.0.5414.74 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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On one of the recurring events, can you turn off the recurring event slider and edit that single event? This will tell us if there is an issue with Scoutbook or the Feature Assistant Extension.


One of the recurrences I’m working with is Committee Meetings. They were originally entered last year. We had some changes in membership following recharter. I manually updated invitees for our January meeting when I was recording attendance. I wanted to change the rest starting with February, but changing all of them didn’t work. I successfully changed only the February invitees by turning off the recurring event slider.

I also have all the Den Meetings set up as recurring events. Mid-fall we changed our meeting nights from Wednesdays to Tuesdays. I haven’t been able to swap the meetings as a recurring group. I’d like to avoid having to delete each Wednesday meeting individually.

It looks like the notes thing that @GaryFeutz sent an update for in response to my post about Recurring Updates Part Deux might be back.

I decided to enter in our Den Meetings on Tuesdays using the recurrence (I need something on there while I’m trying to get rid of the stuff on Wednesday). Our Pack switches between two locations fairly frequently. To make it easy for whomever updates the location, I include the address and location URL for both spots in the notes section of the recurring appointments. This way they can be easily copied and pasted above once the location is finalized.

After creating the recurrence, I realized I started a week early and thought I’d give the recurring delete another try on a fresh set of events. When I opened up the event to delete the series, I noticed the recurring event toggle was off even though the recurrence code was present in the notes section, below the address information I entered. Remembering my previous issues (Part Deux), I deleted everything except the recurrence code from the notes section and saved the individual event. When I reopened to edit, the recurrence toggle was on this time. So, with the recurring toggle now on, I attempted to save the recurrence. I wanted to see if the removal of the address info from the notes section would trickle down through the rest. It’s been 10 minutes and and I’m still seeing a spinning wheel.

Recurring deletion may not be working for me because all of those events have notes in the “Notes” section. Did something change within Scoutbook that nullified what @GaryFeutz fixed for me in Part Deux? If so, it needs to be fixed again.

It seems like use of the “Notes” Field may be contested by different aspects of Scoutbook. I would recommend maybe creating a third field.

  • Rename the Notes field “Scoutbook Admin”. Make it visible, but uneditable by regular users. This way, they can see that the code for recurrence (or any other feature) is in place and working, but can’t monkey around with it.
  • Add a new Notes / Agenda / Minutes feature that is not used by any behind-the-scenes features. This way that information is separate block of data that can’t interfere with any coding.

Another piece of troubleshooting information. When there is text in the “Notes / Agenda Minutes” section, the placement of the recurrence code seems to dictate whether the Repeating Events toggle is on or off; if it’s on top, the toggle is on.

Details: When I set up the recurrence with the addresses, I included them as part of the recurrence. The recurrence code was amended at the bottom of that text block. As I mentioned previously, deleting the text block (thus placing the recurrence code at the top) resulted in the Repeating Events toggle being on when I open the event.

I just tried simply moving the recurrence code to the top, with the notes still present, and saving the individual event. When I opened it, the Recurring Event toggle was on.

More data…

There is handful of Pack Meetings remaining in the year (on the third Wednesday) that also need to switch to Tuesday. I went in and deleted all Notes except the recurrence code. When I opened all Pack Meetings individually, the recurrence toggle was on. I then selected the new date (third Tuesday) and attempted to save the series. I was given the prompt asking if I wanted 5 occurrences of the event and clicked “yes”. Then the system hung up on the spinning wheel. After 10+ minutes, I left the screen and the date change was not saved.

Added in a new series of Bear Den Meetings on Tuesdays with no text in the Notes section. I wanted to see if I could delete this fresh, unmodified series. It did not work.
The system hangs up on the “deleting multiple events. Please be patient…” spinning wheel. I stopped it after 15+ minutes.

Mark, I am unable to replicate any of your issues. What version of the extension do you have loaded? It almost seems that you have two copies of the extension running

In Chrome I followed Extensions > Manage Extensions > Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook > Details and the version listed is

Chrome: Version 109.0.5414.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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