Unable to Edit Recurring Events in ScoutBook (Part IIIB)

My initial thread (with basically the same name) just closed 32 minutes ago, so I’m starting a new one. Here is a link to the previous thread.

@GaryFeutz Is the version of the extension causing my issue? If not, what is the next step? I read that you couldn’t duplicate it, but I’m still unable to delete those events.

The recurrence feature has the potential to be a huge help, but I keep running into issues.

I just noticed something new. The series of recurring Lion Den Meetings I added on Tuesdays included the address information in the Notes section. When I look at it now, there has been “+” signs added where the spaces should be. That’s not something I’ve ever experienced on previous uses of recurrence.

One of the address I included was for Aquapaug:
Camp Aquapaug (1620 Ministerial Rd, South Kingstown, RI 02879)

When I edit an event in the series, the address in the Notes section now appears as:

Not sure what to suggest. There must be something unique with your situation.

Things that I have seen that cause issues could be special characters somewhere, something related to invitees or memberships, use of multiple calendars in events, etc.

Some issues can be found by looking at the Chrome console if there is a spinner that doesn’t stop. Spinners are usually caused by an unhandled runtime exception, and errors like that are logged to the console and can provide clues.

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Okay. To recap, my version of Chrome and the extension are good. You’re not able to duplicate the issues I’m having, which seems to indicate it’s something unique to me. And based on your experience, this could be special characters, invitees / memberships, or use of multiple calendars, or an unhandled runtime exception in Chrome.

  • We did just complete a recharter which saw some memberships change, both with Cubs and leaders.
  • I do tend to use multiple calendars, pairing the Lions/Tigers, Bears/Wolves, and Webelos 1/AOL. We’re limited on leaders and group those dens together.

@GaryFeutz How likely is it that the above two conditions are causing the issue? The recurring calendar appointments were created in the fall for the entire academic year. I didn’t consider that the existing content of the event would cause issues for subsequent changes. I assumed that the recurrence code was the only important piece of information… that the content (times, attendees, location, notes, etc.) would all be replaced by whatever was currently trying to be saved, in the case of a modification. Or that the entire entry would be deleted, regardless of what was in the data fields, in the case of a deletion.

Is there some kind of data verification that occurs during a series save or deletion?

  • I’ll dig into a Chrome a bit when I can to see if there is something in there to help diagnose the spinning wheel.


I just found an issue and developed a fix. It is being tested and hopefully can be teased in a couple days.

Great, thanks! Hopefully that does that trick.

Also, I have noticed that in the notes section on the new recurrences I put on Tuesdays, the spaces have been replaced by "+"s. For example, I entered:

  • Camp Aquapaug (1620 Ministerial Rd, South Kingstown, RI 02879)

but when I open any of the events in the saved series I see:

  • Camp+Aquapaug+(1620+Ministerial+Rd,+South+Kingstown,+RI+02879)

Will that also be addressed in this fix?

Not sure. I can’t reproduce the +'s in the test version. What is the sequence of events? Are you creating the repeating event and then editing notes? Or putting in the note initially? Either way I don’t see the +'s.

I couldn’t remember the sequence last time, so I tried again.

When I put the address and google maps link in the notes section before creating the series, there were no “+” signs in the recurring events.

When I created the recurrence first and then attempted to add the notes to the series, I couldn’t. When I tried to modify the series with the added notes, I just got the spinning wheel and it wouldn’t take the change. So, it’s uncertain if adding the notes after the initial series is set up results in the "+"s being added.

I had the Chrome console up while doing this and any time I opened a series event, I would see an unchecked runtime error “The message port closed before a response was received.”

Edit: Also, I noticed that when including the address and link before saving the series, the recurrence code would be be placed below the text in the notes section which causes the repeating events toggle to be in the “off” position.

Mark - I published a new version yesterday V0.48.0.7. Your description sounds like it wasn’t pushed yet when you ran your last test.

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