Unable to update reoccuring appointments

I have used the reoccuring appointment option enabled with the feature assistant plug-in for some time, and I’ve always been able to go in and edit a detail while reoccuring appoints is toggled on. It would ask next if I want to update all remaining reoccurances of the meeting and I click YES, then it hangs on “saving multiple events. Please be patient…” indefinately. No updates are made. Any ideas???

Are you using the latest version of the extension? @GaryFeutz released several updates recently. I think one of them addressed issues related to events shared among multiple units, then a subsequent one fixed a bug for (sorta) all events introduced by the multiple-units event fix. This sounds kinda like the behavior reported under one of the intervening versions of the extension.

@BrookeLoader There is no known issue with this - but if you are willing to help me troubleshoot, it would be appreciated. I am sending you a private message.

I am running V0.48.0.17.

When I check for updates on Chrome Web Store, I don’t see any available. Is this the standard method for receiving/checking for updates?

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