Adding new attendees to existing calendar events using Chrome Add On with multiple mcalendars

A couple months back, a fix was installed to address a bug. When I use the Chrome Add On to add new attendees to existing calendar invites, I get the spinning circle that says updating indefinitely. It never updates, even if I try to update a single invite. It worked after the fix, but something may have disrupted it again. Note that I have access to calendars for multiple units. Please advise.

@GaryFeutz - i think this may be an FA issue

Is “FA” the abbreviation for “Features Assistant” in your post? When I read your post, I did not know what “FA” was.

For all users:
Pease use the full-term name the first time an abbreviation it is used in a discussion. For example, “Features Assistant”, or “Features Assistant (FA)” to use “FA” later.

Some abbreviations are used for more than one term (with different meanings).


@SelenaHolbrook I only see you connected to Troop 240 B with rights to edit that calendar.

Can you explain your “multiple calendars”? Are you seeing a Pack Calendar for events your son may be in as a Den Chief?

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Yes. I have view access to a Pack calendar.


Ok. that should not impact it. Is there anything special about the event you are trying to update? Is it an event that is simply a unit event or is it for multiple patrols?

I am trying to replicate the issue and everything is working for me.

I did find a new bug - if two patrols are on an event - only one gets updated - but it doesn’t cause a spinner.

Which calendar are you trying to update - the Pack or the Troop?

I’m trying to update the troop. I need to add new attendees to multiple existing events on the Troop calendar. I selected only the events in November to do this small scale, maybe a month at a time, and I get the same result no matter which events I pick.

If you attempt to update, without clicking any names, does it still keep spinning? Clicking no names does not do any damage - it would just remove folks that are no longer on the roster

Also - you have a rather large troop so I would expect it to run for quite some time…

Yes, that we do. I tried again this morning, with a single invite and only 4 of the new invitees. It worked, so I’ll just need to do things in smaller scale due to size. Thank you!

FYI - I found another bug - if you had selected the Pack that your son is in, and where you are not a leader, you would get a spinner forever. I am working on a fix for this - since you don;t have edit permissions for that calendar, it should not be in you list to update.

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