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Unable to view adventure requirements

I’m trying to view/enter the adventure requirements for my son. I can view the list of adventures like this:

But if I click on one, to view the requirements for it, I get dropped back on the dashboard:

Looking at the URL bar when I get dropped onto the dashboard page, it looks like it is supposed to be the page for an adventure (maybe this is helpful to the technical folks behind this):
https://scoutbook.scouting.org/mobile/dashboard/admin/advancement/adventure.asp?RankID=9&AdventureID=20&ScoutUserID=XXXXXX&UnitID=XXXXXXX (there were numeric values for the ScoutUserID and UnitID fields, but I redacted them)

Is anyone else seeing this? We recently transferred from one pack to another, in case that is relevant.


I figured it out. He was not in a den. Once I put him in the den, I can now get to the requirements.

Maybe this note will help the next person that comes across this quirk, or maybe a helpful error message could be added to Scoutbook in this case.

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@PatrickKaeding - glad to hear that worked for you. The logic behind this is that all cub scout are to be in dens. So no bug, but rather conforming to the structure of cub scouts.

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